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Thanks you for visiting our website. Here at Home Appliance Repair of Austin we know that a little information goes a long way to you as a customer. The right information can help you make the decision of a replacement or repair of your appliance. Sometimes an appliance problem is not as serious or costly as you think it to be, here are a couple of helpful tips for the most common appliance problems.

Clothes Dryer

    • Not heating: Check voltage, heating element, or thermal cutoff.
    • Drum not turning: heating element, check belt, or motor.
    • Making Noise: Oil bearing; change drum wheel.
    • Not turning on: Check voltage at outlet, door switch.

Central Heater

    • Not turning on: Check voltage and/or igniters.
    • Not heating: Check element, pilot light.
    • Turns on and shuts off: Check exhaust pipe.
    • Turns on without heating: Numerous reasons; contact Austin Appliance Plus.

We hope this information was useful to you for your appliance problem. Please let us know of your appliance problem via email if the information on this page was not helpful and we will try our best to assist you.

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